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Aswan and adjacent regions have been excavated by several international excavation teams for more than 100 years now. This is why artefacts pertaining to the region are distributed all over the world today. The database which is being established in the course of the project aims at retracing these artefacts and make them accessible for further research.

In order to locate artefacts we contacted more than 450 museums and collections worldwide and asked if they host pieces from the 5th to 9th century which due to their circumstances of finding, or because additional information makes a provenance from these areas likely (if pottery is made of Aswan pink clay, for instance) can be attributed to Aswan, Elephantine, Dayr Anba Hadra or Qasr Ibrim. We were looking especially for artefacts with Greek, Coptic, or Arabic letterings, but also pottery (e.g. clay lamps, transport containers), metal objects, or textiles.

The database will be made available as soon as possible, at the latest after the end of the project in January 2024.

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Responsible for establishing the database is Julius J├╝rgens.